Raw Bone Straight

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Orgin: Vietnamese

RAW means that the hair is UNPROCESSED which is the highest quality of hair that has never been chemically processed. It is human hair collected from one source or donor. The cuticles are intact and aligned in one direction which is why you dont see alot of fly away hairs. Also, raw hair is very luxurious and high maintenance. All bundles will not be the same color, some maybe brown some maybe darker etc. When you receive the hair I HIGHLY SUGGEST YOU WASH YOUR BUNDLES because the hair is a coarse texture which means its less silky, it needs moisture which may cause it to be a lil tangly. All of our bundles are Super Double Drawn meaning all hairs are 90% the same length, highest quality and full from top to bottom. Textures Raw Wavy & Raw Bone Straight for a Full install I suggest 3 bundles for lengths 16-26in and 4 bundles for lengths 28 on down. Raw Curly I suggest 3 bundles for any length you get because those bundles are super full with more wefts. With good care our bundles can last 2-3 years.